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Packing Hacks For Moving House

in Peterborough

In this blog post we have put together some of our favourite packing hacks for moving house in Peterborough. We have lots of experience helping our customers move house so we want to share some top moving house packing hacks with you to make your packing easier!  Have a look through the hacks and see what you think. If you need any packing materials or help with your move, just drop our friendly team a message!


Attach & Label


Wires and electronic items will get mixed up. Make sure you put the electronic item in the same bag as the wire. We would recommend coiling the wire around the item. Grab some masking tape to stick it down and then write the name of the appliance on the tape. This way, if they do get separated you’ll still know what item the wire belongs to.


Important Stuff


Have a separate box for important stuff. This should include passports, marriage certificates, birth certificates, moving documents and more. Make sure you keep these important items somewhere safe and clearly labelled. It’s easier to replace a mis-placed bedside lamp than a passport or marriage certificate.


Essentials Bag


Have a bag for the essential items. This includes things like a phone charger, toothpaste and toothbrush, hair brush. The things that you always forget to take on holiday at the last minute are the things that need to be made a note of. Double and triple check these essential items are packed, make sure they are somewhere easy to find after a long day moving.


Heavy and Small


Use smaller boxes for heavier items. For example, books! Lots of smaller boxes of heavier items will be easier to transport than one or two large boxes of heavier items. Make sure when you are stacking and labelling your boxes you clearly make them as heavy. This way they can be loaded into the van under lighter items to avoid any damage. Labelling boxes as heavy will help avoid injury to you too.


Cable Packing


We all have lots of cables around the house. Toilet roll tubes are great for cables. Make sure you clearly write on the toilet roll what the cable is for. This way the cables will be nicely organised when you start unpacking in your new home, and you’ll know what goes where.


Toiletry Packing


Take off the lids of your toiletries and place a cling film or a bag over the opening and replace the lid. This packing hack will help reduce the risk of these items spilling or leaking during your move. We would also recommend placing some cotton wool on top of your make up items, under the lid. This will help reduce the risk of any breakages to your powder make up items.

These are just some of our many packing hacks for moving house in Peterborough. If you need any help with packing or moving house – just give us a call!